Frightened Into a Love Affair With God?

27Have you ever been absolutely terrified? I’m talking about shaking in your boots, hands trembling, adrenaline pumping terror. Perhaps it was the result of a bump in the night that shook you from your slumber. Maybe it was the result of seeing a scary movie. On the other hand it could have also been the result of sitting through a sermon at a local religious gathering where the aim was to frighten you into a love affair with God.

It seems that the aim of many in religious leadership is to create a flock of wide eyed and worried sheep who are terrified of the thought of ever meeting God face to face. Comfort and peace are lacking in the lives of so many as they worry, work, and strive in the hope that in the end they will have done enough good things to win the acceptance and love of our creator. Unfortunately, they have not been led to see that we have not been called to try and win the love and acceptance of God based upon our personal performance. Instead, our gracious creator has lavished upon us His love and acceptance based upon nothing we have done for ourselves. You and I have not been called to try and “save ourselves” however we have been graciously given a Savior who has finished whatever saving work needed to be done on our behalf!

The Apostle Paul refers to God as our Abba. Abba is Hebrew for Daddy. If you turned on the evening news and heard of a father intentionally instilling gut wrenching fear into his children we would have no doubts that something was extremely wrong with him. If you were to ever hear of a Father threatening his children with unending torture with no chance of relief if they were foolish enough not to make the “free-will” choice to love him with their whole heart simply because of who he is, you would most likely find it difficult to find a reason for them to love him at all.

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Why Christians do Unchristian Things?

26If being a Christian means that you should be like Christ, why do we so often act anything but Christ light. Perhaps, we need to ask what does it mean to be Christ like? Four different gospel writers gave firsthand accounts of how he lived. Being Christ like would be following his example.

I believe that for many it is a case of deception or misrepresentation of what it means to be a Christian. I have talked with a lot of people who believe that all you have to do is accept Christ as your personal savior. If you are drowning you recognize that you have to let the lifeguard help you. In a sense we are drowning in sin and need a spiritual lifeguard to save us.

I think of how many times in my life I have been lost. I did not think or believe that I was lost to begin with, but at some point I realized that I was. If someone had told me that I was going the wrong way before I realized I was lost I might very well have not believed them. So it is in our Christian walk. There are many times that we head done a wrong road and are not really willing to listen when someone tells us we are going the wrong way. While we are going down that wrong road we may do many things that are not Christ like.

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Religious Changes in Canada

25Everyone reaches a point in life when they start to think about religion on a serious note. They start studying their religion or variety of religions to get the answers of the questions that have in their minds. Questions’ regarding their very own religion starts prompting in their mind and they finally seek to comprehend the reason of their existence in this world. Variety of answers and explanations are presented by different scholars, philosophers and scientists. Religion is basically a belief in god, certainty in supernatural existence applicable to human well being and whatever gives meaning to a person’s life.

The purpose of this article is to highlight a few points on the growing Mexican religion in Canada. Canada had a foreign-born population of approximately 6,775,800 people. They represented 20.6% of the overall country’s population, which is said to be the highest fraction among the G8 countries. The G8 countries also known as The Group of Eight, was the name of the discussion for the governments of a gathering of eight leading industrialized countries that were initially framed by six heading industrialized countries and thusly two extra members were added in the group. Canada is slowly becoming a nation flooded with immigrants whose own culture and religious values can be seen on streets in most of the cities.

A Mexican Canadian is a citizen of Canada who is born in Mexico, a country located in North America. According to a survey conducted in 2011, 0.3% of Canada’s populace has a Mexican set of relatives that are give or take 97,000 citizens of Canada. Mexican’s are known to be the largest subgroup of Latin American Canadians. Around 5,000 Mexicans, enter Canada every year for education purposes or as contract workers in the agriculture sector. Due to their legal status they cannot be considered as illegal immigrants. Workers are discouraged to overstay their permits through various policies implemented in Canada.

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Online Quran Classes Enable Muslim Families Build an Islamic Environment at Home

24Children are very truly clean slates; therefore parents have the immense responsibility of raising them to be responsible and righteous members of society. While parents do take a great deal of effort to give their children the right education and opportunities in order to ensure that they get ahead in life, many people also make sure that their kids get religious and ethical education. Devout Muslims take great efforts to ensure that their kids learn how to read Quran. They sign up for online Quran classes so that their kids can learn tajweed as well. Kids who learn Quran with tajweed are able to recite the holy words with the right pronunciation.

Getting started with reading Quran is no small task because there are many different factors to be considered. After all, kids have many different activities to do over and above their studies. In fact, many parents opt for online Quran classes because this is the best way to fit in the time for reading Quran. The following tips will ensure that your child will learn how to read Quran easily:

  • Start at the right age; not too young or old: 5 years is considered to be a reasonable age to start reading Quran. Most children do not understand very much of the holy book before this age and they might not be able to get the maximum benefit from it. However, 5 is just an indicative figure; kids can start learning whenever they are ready. Try to avoid making comparisons with other kids.

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Unveiling The Mission Of The Indian Church In New York

23Church is the religious place of worship of the followers of Christianity. New York is one of the most populous states of the United States of America. More than 40% of the total population of this state comprises of Christians, basically the Catholics. Hence, the importance of Church is greatly observed in this region. There are several Churches in New York which were established long time back. But with the migration of people from different parts of the world to this region, some new Churches and practices have also been introduced here. So, if you find an Indian Church in New York, then this is nothing to be surprised at.

What is preached in a Punjabi Church of New York?

The most important point that is preached in the famous Punjabi Church of New York is that as a Christian the best way to serve God is not only by offering prayers to the God but also by actively participating in the ministry of the local Church. You will be able to establish a union with God. This Church has open entry for all and sundry. Here, there is no restriction on the basis of caste or community. People belonging to any religion and status can enter this holy place. The main purpose of the care-takers of this Church is to let people realize the love of God through effective religious activities. They aim to reveal the truths of life hidden inside the holy Bible. This Church came into existence with the sole objective of making people realize the correct way of living a good life. At this holy place, you learn good teachings, make loyal friendships and learn to care for each other irrespective of the background of the individuals.

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