Mantra a Spiritual Power

30What is mantra? A strong power, true worship is a source of acquiring peace of mind. It can be used in healing mental illness too. Today’s life is full of stress. People fall ill due to leading fast lifestyle that consists of stress and traumatic life. This is a good source of spiritual power mainly consists of two parts: mantra and meditation itself. Meaning of this is truly connecting to god. In fact, it acts as a bridge between human and god. Meditation means giving true respect to the God. There are many techniques available online that teach us real method to praise the God. These types of methods are very popular in India. Main methods are Vaishnava tradition of Bengal, India. This spiritual and divine system is good process to manage traumatic stress.

People usually get confuse between chanting God’s name versus chanting a mantra. Both the two things are different. It is essential in increasing the spiritual growth of human being. If a mantra is not repeated properly or it is repeated as per our liking, it could be inverse effect. We should take care of some essential point before chanting mantra. People should get up in brahma-muhurta, period starts before sunrise. Set God (Krishna) as your object of meditation. Person should always dress in pristine white clothes and wears an exotic turban which too of white color.

Even in busy life you can do it easily as chanting could be done while walking. Chanting is one of the most conductive spiritual practices for today’s life. In Tibet, many Buddhists carved mantras into rocks as a form of meditation. This spiritual power prove that God is present that help out us in various form of blessing. The function and procedure differs throughout the world as per traditions and also depends on the context in which it is written or sounded. For an example of such see the syllable: Om which is central to both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. These golden words were originally conceived in the Vedas.

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Why is There a Right to Freedom of Religion?

29It is my purpose in this book to explain how international law should interpret the right to freedom of religion or belief, and how it should protect this right. The right to freedom of religion or belief should be understood and protected, first and fore­most, as an individual right and only in furtherance of individual rights should it be protected as a group right. In this chapter this argument is based on a theoretical analysis of the right. The following chapters will argue for a coherent interpretation of international law based on the principles introduced in this chapter.

Other themes emerge throughout the discussion, in particular the meaning of religion and its role in society and in individual life is culture-specific. More than the subjects of other human rights, such as ‘torture’ (Universal Declaration of Human Rights [UDHR], Article 5) or ‘slavery’ (UDHR, Article 4), ‘religion’ is a concept defined by the culture to which it belongs. This concept loses much of its meaning outside its cultural context. Therefore, more than other human rights, freedom of religion can be interpreted differently by different cultures. Indeed, the different interpretations of this right were evident during the drafting of the article guaranteeing its protection in the Universal Declaration.

According legitimacy to disparate policies regarding freedom of religion, as well as other rights, is at the centre of the debate between adopting a cultural approach to human rights or a universalist approach to human rights. However, relativistic inter­pretations of the right to freedom of religion are intrinsically problematic, as claims to such an interpretation of this right often clash with the rights of individuals, includ­ing those of women, children and dissenters, as will be illustrated in later chapters.

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Have You Ever Thought To Question Popular Beliefs About Hell?

28Before reading any further take a few moments to close your eyes and imagine hell.

As you do, let me ask you some questions. Where did the images that have entered into your mind come from? Have those images been formed from what is revealed in the Scripture? Or have those images been shaped by pagan beliefs which have worked their way into the church? Is it possible that our imaginations regarding hell have been more influenced by Dante’s Inferno than by the Bible?

In your opinion, what purpose does hell actually serve? Is it a torture chamber where people will be forced to endure merciless and unending agony as an expression of God’s justice? If that is the case, how could a never ending torturous penalty for a limited amount of sin be considered true justice?

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Frightened Into a Love Affair With God?

27Have you ever been absolutely terrified? I’m talking about shaking in your boots, hands trembling, adrenaline pumping terror. Perhaps it was the result of a bump in the night that shook you from your slumber. Maybe it was the result of seeing a scary movie. On the other hand it could have also been the result of sitting through a sermon at a local religious gathering where the aim was to frighten you into a love affair with God.

It seems that the aim of many in religious leadership is to create a flock of wide eyed and worried sheep who are terrified of the thought of ever meeting God face to face. Comfort and peace are lacking in the lives of so many as they worry, work, and strive in the hope that in the end they will have done enough good things to win the acceptance and love of our creator. Unfortunately, they have not been led to see that we have not been called to try and win the love and acceptance of God based upon our personal performance. Instead, our gracious creator has lavished upon us His love and acceptance based upon nothing we have done for ourselves. You and I have not been called to try and “save ourselves” however we have been graciously given a Savior who has finished whatever saving work needed to be done on our behalf!

The Apostle Paul refers to God as our Abba. Abba is Hebrew for Daddy. If you turned on the evening news and heard of a father intentionally instilling gut wrenching fear into his children we would have no doubts that something was extremely wrong with him. If you were to ever hear of a Father threatening his children with unending torture with no chance of relief if they were foolish enough not to make the “free-will” choice to love him with their whole heart simply because of who he is, you would most likely find it difficult to find a reason for them to love him at all.

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Why Christians do Unchristian Things?

26If being a Christian means that you should be like Christ, why do we so often act anything but Christ light. Perhaps, we need to ask what does it mean to be Christ like? Four different gospel writers gave firsthand accounts of how he lived. Being Christ like would be following his example.

I believe that for many it is a case of deception or misrepresentation of what it means to be a Christian. I have talked with a lot of people who believe that all you have to do is accept Christ as your personal savior. If you are drowning you recognize that you have to let the lifeguard help you. In a sense we are drowning in sin and need a spiritual lifeguard to save us.

I think of how many times in my life I have been lost. I did not think or believe that I was lost to begin with, but at some point I realized that I was. If someone had told me that I was going the wrong way before I realized I was lost I might very well have not believed them. So it is in our Christian walk. There are many times that we head done a wrong road and are not really willing to listen when someone tells us we are going the wrong way. While we are going down that wrong road we may do many things that are not Christ like.

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